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February 21, 2010


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hahaha. oh kids are hilarious

kate wilson

that is awesome! what a cutie. it is so neat to watch how kids perceive our world and to see how much faith they have.


So fun to catch up here on your cute fam! Oh how we miss that cute Luke! Love those little conversations. Miss you all!


thorny, huh??

Love those conversations. Cute pics of your handsome boy!


That is too funny. I love listening to our little ones. Hope things are going well! I think of you often.


So funny, great job capturing. And love his bowtie pics. Jana sent me them a while ago by email and couldn't believe how darling they turned out.

Pat Barnum

Hey Jess,
It's a voice from the very distant past, Pat Barnum. I came across your blog via the MHS Reunion site. It's great to see ya (virtually) again after so long. You have a beautiful family, and I'm glad to see you're all doing so well...Just don't get too into that Longhorn thing--the glory of the U of U beckons for your hearts in the homeland! Maybe we'll catch up at our (AAAGGHH!)15 year or at some weird wedding or funeral. ALL THE BEST.


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